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媽媽出Trip - Day 4 - 愷晴生活 (11 Jul 2007)
Posted by: thomas on 星期三, 七月 11, 2007 - 10:06 PM (2021 閱讀)

Click to hear KK's voice

7:15aWe wake up at 7:30a and leave home at 8:10a...

I recalled that Kristy got 蚊叮 for 3 big area on her legs... so I ask Ms Yu to apply 驅蚊膏 for Kristy before having nap.

6:15p Grandma picks Kristy from school.... and Daddy arrives TaiKooShing at 6:30p.

Kristy gets the knees injured in playground. She is not happy at home. The first time she cries in this week.

Finally, Daddy gives Kristy some chocolates to cheer her up. Also, we are playing flying chess and "波子" chess...

7:45pDinner time
8:15p After dinner, Daddy cannot find Kristy's toy-cars (bus, minibus and taxi)... So, Daddy gives Kristy two MTR toy-trains to play...
8:50p Kristy takes bath and Daddy is ready exhausted...

Daddy finds that the bath time is the most difficult and terrible moment for taking care of Kristy this week...

Luckily, grandma helps a lot for dish-washing and helps reading books with Kristy.

9:45p Kristy goes to bed...
10:30p Daddy is so exhausted and falls asleep on the bed....
1:30a Kristy cries suddenly, as she gets nose-bleeding! That's Daddy fault, as Daddy forgets to turn on the Dehumidifier (放濕機) tonight... Sorry...

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